Court Documents


Ted Bradford v. Joseph Scherschligt

This is the civil suit Ted Bradford filed against police officer Joseph Scherschligt claiming that Scherschligt either knew or should have known of Bradford’s innocence. The case claims that the Yakima detective withheld evidence that would have helped prove Bradford’s innocence, among other allegations.

U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision

The case was originally dismissed by the U.S. District trial judge, saying the statute of limitations passed. The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the judge’s dismissal, and remanded the case back to the trial judge, who again dismissed it, claiming the police officer was immune from such prosecution. Bradford’s attorney has again appealed to the Ninth Circuit and is awaiting oral arguments.

Letter to Yakima Police Department, et al.

This is the letter sent by Bradford’s attorneys to the Yakima Police Department, the Yakima Prosecuting Attorney and Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson alerting them to the findings of the DNA test.

Private Investigator Report

This is a sworn affidavit from the private investigator hired by Bradford’s attorney to stake out the home of the suspect, and collect a DNA sample.

DNA Report

This document is the report generated by Bode Cellmark, comparing the DNA sample collected by law enforcement from the mask and tape covering the eye holes in the mask with the DNA collected by the private investigator from the suspect’s garbage.

Victim’s Statement

This is a transcript of the interview with the rape victim, taken on September 3, 1995 by then Detective Joseph Scherschligt, where the victim mentions the similarities between her attacker and her brother-in-law no fewer than four times. Emphasis added.

Bradford’s Request for Compensation Under the Law

This is the claim filed by Bradford’s attorney, asking the state to provide Bradford the $50,000 a year compensation provided by state law for those who’ve proven they’ve been wrongly convicted and incarcerated.

State’s Denial of Bradford’s Request for Compensation

This document is Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s denial of Bradford’s claim for compensation which is set forth by state law.